How to Buy products LUXIK?
The order must contain the information necessary to send these goods

Who will receive: Surname, Name
Where to send: The city and the branch number of the transport company or the street on which it is located.
Contact information:  telephone number and e-mail address.
If you have suggestions immediately enter in the message.

After sending your order, issued through the basket, you have a message about closing the
order number of the shipping document.
Check the number of the shipping documenton the site of transportation company,if there are no mistakes in the delivery address.
It is not necessary to wait for messages or calls.

Open your mail!

Ordering through the basket eliminates the possibility of errors.
While collecting and sending goods, you can choose the desired model by number and color.
Making your order without mistakes order reduces assembly time.

Thank you for your understanding.
Do not forget check all important order information via phone call.
After payment to the card or our checking account, or iforming us that that you want to pay on delivery your order will be shipped.

How to make an order?
I will choose the item, press send, and then what?
When I actually will be called back ( everyone always says that it will be in a while, so how is it in fact?)

We will contact you within 1 day after ordering. Notice of change of the status of your order will be displayed in your personal account on the site and will be sent to you by email. We keep records of all orders, and can always keep track all information about your order!

Is the information on the site about the availability, sizes and prices of LUXIK products actual?
For I will wait the response of the store, and it will turn out that there is no product or that it is more expensive.

Retail prices in the retail network and the online store are the same. Information on the availability of goods shows the actual availability on our warehouses. It may be that the product is no longer available, but the site shows that the product has, in only one case: if multiple customers have ordered the same item of the same size. In such case, we try to choose an identical replacement, and the missing items are immediately removed from the site.

For how long will I wait for my order?
Parcels are delivered from 1 to 4 days. It depends on your location and day offs.

Do I have to pay on delivery or in advance?
It depends on which payment method you will choose. If you pay for your order by credit card, the order is transferred to the delivery immediately after payment is confirmed by the payment system. If you choose to pay cash on delivery,then you will have to pay for your order upon delivery of the parcel.

If you return the items back, then who pays for the shipment?
Sending back paid by the customer.

What if I am not satisfied and want a refund, who will pay for sending the parcel back?
All our production undergoes quality control.But if you will get bad products with flaws you will get a refund.

Enjoy your shopping and cooperation with us!