About us

ТМ «Luxik» is a children’s wear manufacturer and it successfully works on Ukrainian
market for more than 10 years

Our products are made as per global trends of children's fashion
but at the same time accessible to everyone.
We always take care that our clothing was one of the best, so stick to our
slogan ТМ «Luxik»  For those who choose the best\
ТМ «LUXIK» offers a wide range of children’s wear for all ages: from newborns to teens.

We can offer: cozy envelops, comfortable transformers, practical overalls, warm sets of clothing, exclusive winter and demi-season jackets, exquisite overcoats, elegant fur coats, fashionable windcheaters
and stylish school uniform as well.
Our trade mark was created on the base «Khmelnychanka Ltd» - sewing enterprise with a 30 year old history,
a crew of professional and staff.

All our production ТМ«Luxik» meets the State standartrs of sewn products,
and production which is subject to certification necessarily undergoes it.
Textiles out of which we make our clothing have have all required certificates of quality and
are completely safe for children.

Reliable fittings and modern insulation of our clothing make it practical and long-lasting.
We use only up to date equipment and we make sure that all our production is made stylish, practical
meet expectations of our customers.

Another reason of our enterprise’s success is that you can find our production in
a retail chain stores of Ukraine’s biggest cities Kiev, Dnipropetrovsk, Odessa, Donetsk, Zaporizhia and others.
You can also find our production in private entrepreneurs’ stores all over Ukraine.
Our goal is to make stylish and affordable clothes for each child, so choose the best! ТМ «Luxik»

Our team

Our team of young designers, works efficiently when you create each product to meet the needs of
the most demanding customer.
Each design is exclusive and unique to other collections.

The process of creating products:

- A sketch designers.
- Arts сouncil selects need the thumbnails to be embodied in the finished choice.
- Designers create patterns.
- Sew a trial sample of the product.
- Fitting.

We have been working in computer-aided design system of clothing allows you to quickly and efficiently carry
design training model to
production, using the latest equipment.
This makes TM «Luxik» the best!