Design atelier

The design atelier for designing and modeling clothes.

The design atelier for designing and modeling clothes has been in the clothes industry for a long time and is widely known
not only in Khmelnytskyi but in the whole Ukraine.

We offer a wide range of services in the clothing industry such as:

elaboration of industrial models of women’s, men’s and children’s wear by qualified designers;
production of industrial templates, gradation of the basic set of templates in accordance to sizes and height,
elaboration of technical description of the produced model;

sewing the first specimen of the elaborated products on up-to-date equipment by qualified workers

We use the system of robotized design of clothes which allows us to quickly and with high quality
construction preparation of the model for production by using
the state-of-art equipment.

We offer reasonable prices, high-quality, efficiency, qualitative service and
individual approach, this is why almost every client becomes our permanent consumer.

Time has shown that it is much more efficient to work with professionals than keeping
a whole construction group as it greatly increases the
cost price of the products.

The gained experience allows us to quickly and with a high degree of
quality fulfill elaboration of models orders, taking into account the technical basis and peculiarities
of each separate enterprise.

We offer you cooperation which will help you to reduce time and costs spent on the elaboration of
new products and the preparation of the models for production!