Wholesale information

Advance request (pre order) is carried out on the goods of the following season and it helps to make our producton plan, to make all products on time and satisfy the needs of all our customers.

Timing of provisional application - for the season.

Information about certification of our products.

- Children's top wear- dress- blouses range (shirts, sundresses), is produced according to ДСТУ ГОСТ 25294:2005
      «outerwear, dress-blouses range.
General technical conditions;, 
- clothes children's coats - costume range (jackets, suits, coats, coats, transformer fur Coats for girls and boys, jackets, skirts, jackets, pants for boys and girls), which are produced according to ДСТУ ГОСТ 25295:2005 “outerwear, dresses, costume range. "General specifications" are not included in the list of products subject to compulsory certification in Ukraine ", approved by the Decree of 01.02.2005 №28 State Standard of Ukraine and registered with the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine 04.02.2005 №466 / 10746.