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Collection Winter
Count models (17)
Jacket Oles
810.00 UAH
Owl Envelope
550.00 UAH
Collection Autumn
Count models (28)
Плащ Мрія
450.00 UAH
Vest Jura
295.00 UAH
Collection School
Count models (10)
Collection Youth line
Count models (6)
Coats Carolina
955.00 UAH
Jacket-vest Gloria
405.00 UAH

New arrivals

Куртка Діана
1,125.00 UAH
Куртка Ліза
1,020.00 UAH
Пальто Люсі
870.00 UAH
Пальто Ярина
895.00 UAH
Куртка Арсен
740.00 UAH
Куртка Мілітарі
995.00 UAH
Куртка Аріна
780.00 UAH
Куртка Яків
900.00 UAH
375.00 UAH
Blouse Amanda
150.00 UAH
Betty Dress
300.00 UAH


6.10.15 - 11:42

We constantly participate in exhibitions BABY EXPO

Types of heaters, used in the manufacture
Types of heaters, used in the manufacture
1.09.15 - 14:44

Sintepon - a non-woven fabric, which retains heat well.

Small about

TM "LUXIK" - the Ukrainian manufacturer of children's clothing. Clothing that creates our team is relevant, meets the latest trends in the world of children's fashion made of best materials, comfortable and affordable.

In our online shop You will find children's clothes for different ages. TM "LUXIK" pays special attention to the top children's clothing and clothes for school.

You focused on children's clothing wholesale from the manufacturer? Then you definitely address.

 The advantages of working with TM "LUXIK": 

1. Wide range.

We, as manufacturers of children's clothes and school uniforms, guarantee our customers a large selection of models and timely updating of collections.

2. Excellent quality.

For the manufacture of children's clothing, we use fabrics and accessories that have all the necessary certificates that confirm their safety for children.

3. Affordable prices.

You will be surprised by the terms of wholesale cooperation with the manufacturer of children's clothes TM LUXIK.

4. Modern design.

Designer TM LUXIK particularly follow the fashion trends of the world podium and skillfully implement them in life.

5. Professional advice on the orders.

Our specialists will provide operational support and will select the best solution for Your request.

6. Flexible terms of payment and delivery of goods.

 Looking forward to Your orders in the online store Luxik.